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That's right!!  We are Batch!!  Batch in the saddle again!!!  Cheesy, I know!

The local areas are finally starting to open up.  Most of Batch is ready and I would venture to guess a few other spots are good to go.  I plan on getting out for some walks in the next few weeks to have a little look see.

We open May 1st!!  There are still some May slots available!!!

<![CDATA[Diiiiirrrrttt!!!!]]>Mon, 20 Mar 2023 20:16:28 GMThttp://kamloopsmountainbiking.com/blog/diiiiirrrrtttPicture
That's right!!  Dirt!  After too many months of riding on snow, or skiing, we packed up the bikes and headed down to Maple Ridge this past weekend.  Most of the areas in the lower mainland and Vancouver still have snow, but Thornhill in Maple Ridge is low enough to have escaped Winters final grasp!!

We had a great little shred!  The dirt was prime.  The temps were good and getting warmer! 

We had other things to do Saturday so we kept the ride relatively short.  Just over 10k.  After a long winter of not riding, that's all the butt could handle!  The lungs and legs felt great though!  I guess even though skate skiing is like a form of torture, it does a great job keeping us in shape!

We did three climbs and three descents.  Up Blazing Saddles twice and up Heads Up once.  We rode Thornstar down first.  What a fun trail!  Lots of little hits and some gaps perfect to learn on.

Second descent was down Trail Dweller.  Fast Flowy and Bermy!  So fun!

Third rip down was down a trail called Nicks.  It was built by my friend Dean and named after his brother who tragically died over 20 years ago this past week.  I felt like it was the perfect time to ride the trail and pay some respects to a friend long gone, but not forgotten. 

Although things are opening up late here, they are opening!  It won't be long until we are on the trails ripping it up, seeing people we haven't seen since October and enjoying those after ride stories and pints!

I can't wait!!